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Kim Norton Bio

Are you feeling overwhelmed by clutter, disorganization, and the chaos of everyday life? I'm here to help you transform your living spaces into havens of calm and order. With a passion for practicality and a keen eye for design, I've empowered countless individuals and families to reclaim their homes.


Discover a personalized approach to decluttering and organization that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. My tried-and-true methods will not only declutter your space but also simplify your daily routines. Say goodbye to the stress of a messy home and hello to the serenity of an organized oasis.

Welcome to Life Realigned with Kim

See the real-life solutions that others have been able to create using the practical organizing methods that I teach!

And explore my blog for expert tips, insightful articles, and success stories from clients who have experienced life-changing transformations. Whether you're tackling a single room or your entire home, my guidance will lead you on a path to a more organized, efficient, and peaceful life.

Are you ready to take the first steps toward a clutter free life?

Join me in my FREE "Kick the Clutter " Workshop

and transform your space today!

Don't just take my word, here is what others are saying about working with me...

Life Realigned Kitchen
"Kim is amazing, she is so kind and understanding! She has made my life and home run so much more smoothly.  She helped me stay on plan with a gentle but focused guide, not only helped me figure out what to declutter but to find a home for things I wasn't ready to let go of."

Alexis Kesner, LA

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