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Hey! I'm Kim Norton

The Practical Home Organizer
for the Overwhelmed.

Let's get your home decluttered & life organized for

Real Life - Real People - Real Results 

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Kim Norton Bio

6 years ago, I set out on a mission to create a home and life that functions for both me and my family. After finding success, I was inspired to share my knowledge and experience to other women who are on that same journey.


Now, I have made it my new mission is to teach as many women as I can how to declutter and organize any space in their home in a way that works for real life, real people and real results.


I am so excited that you are here

Are you ready to get started on your organizing journey?

Take Organizing into your Own Hands with guidance from an organizing professional.

Enroll in the FREE Kick the Clutter Workshop to get started.  

Hear how I have helped others just like you.

Life Realigned Kitchen
"Kim is amazing, she is so kind and understanding! She has made my life and home run so much more smoothly.  She helped me stay on plan with a gentle but focused guide, not only helped me figure out what to declutter but to find a home for things I wasn't ready to let go of."

Alexis Kesner, LA

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