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Get to Know Me

My name is Kim Norton, a certified organizing professional. I am so excited to be connecting with you.

I will admit that I have always had a knack for organizing, even as a little girl. It wasn't until I started a family that I began struggling with maintaining order in my home. I remember feeling absolutely frustrated and at a loss as to why the methods that I used all of my life were no longer working and I just couldn't get my life and home organized. 

 Six years ago, I decided that I was going to deep dive into all of the pain I was facing in maintaining an organized home for my family and come up with real solutions that stick. Over these years I did a ton of research and through a lot of trial and error I began finding practical solutions to clear the clutter that work! 


Now I have made it my mission in life to help others look at home organizing differently and to teach people how to get life realigned and organized for real.

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