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Decluttering Done 4 Ways- Find a Decluttering Method that Works for You

Updated: May 11

Decluttering Done 4 Ways

Let's face it, decluttering is the most overwhelming part of getting an organized home for many reasons. It is hard to let go of things that either you purchased with good intentions or were gifted out of love. Even the most motivated person can let the daunting task of decluttering stop them from getting started.

Here I have laid out 4 different ways to declutter your home. Maybe one of these will appeal to you through the hardest part of the journey, getting started.

Small Bites Method- For those who want to take your time decluttering.

woman holding calendar of January

The Small Bites Method is good for anyone who is looking to get better at decluttering and wants to ease into the process. This method can be done in two different ways.

The first is to designate a particular number of items to declutter from your home each day for 30 days. Parting with a few items each day helps make decluttering a part of your daily life.

The second option is to pick a certain number of items to declutter from each area of your home. This doesn't have to be done in consecutive days but can be done whenever you are able.

Just the Trash Method- For those who are too overwhelmed to start Decluttering

trash scattered on blue background

Another Method that can be helpful for anyone who is overwhelmed is to just start with the trash. Pick the area that you want to declutter and just look for the trash. You will be amazed at what you can downsize when just pulling out the garbage. You will also find yourself more open to digging deeper into decluttering.

4 Sort Method- For those who want to tackle bigger projects with decluttering.

two women sorting household items

The 4 Sort Method is the method that I use when working with clients as a professional organizer. When you are trying to declutter an entire room and have a good amount of time set aside to complete the task this method is the most effective.

In this method you set up 4 categories for your items which include keep, trash, donate and does not belong. You then pull every item out of the space and place it into one of the 4 categories. Once you have everything sorted you can throw away the trash, put the donate items to the side and bring the things that don't belong back to their homes. This leaves you with only the keep items when it is time to put the space back together.

No Mess Method- For those who don't want a big mess from decluttering

woman and child putting items into cabinet

The No Mess Method is ideal for anyone who is worried about creating too much mess in the process of decluttering. To execute the no mess method, you set up a trash and donate area much like the 4-sort method. The difference is that you do not set up a keep or does not belong category. Any item that is a keep just stays where it is. Any item that belongs in another part of the house has to be brought to its designated area immediately.

Allowing the keep items to remain in the space and bringing items that belong else ware back makes it much easier to pause whenever you want. The only items that have to be dealt with in the end are the trash and the donate items.

multiple people holding hands in the air

As I said before, decluttering is often the hardest part. Sometimes having someone there with you is helpful. This can mean hiring a professional organizer like myself to help you in person, but it can also mean finding a community of others also on the journey to a simply organized home to share in the experience with. If you are looking for a community of people like you who are on a path to get organized for good may I suggest joining our Facebook Group-Getting Life Realigned and Organized. Each month we do a 7 Day Declutter Challange together that you may find helpful.

Hope to see you there!

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