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My Best Secrets to Getting Kids to Let Go of Their Stuff

Updated: May 11

How to Help Kids Let Go of their Stuff

In this episode you will learn how to get your kids on board with decluttering their things without all of the fuss. Discover my 5 secrets that I use so my kids are willing and even excited to let go of the stuff they no longer want or need.

Hey there mama!

Are you trying to get rid of clutter in your home only to find that your kids are really struggling to let go of things that you know they no longer want or need? Are you exhausted from all of the negotiating and crying that is involved in getting them to part with things?

I totally understand the struggles and I have solutions for you. Check out this video where I give you my 5 secrets to getting kids to let go of their stuff without all of the fuss.

Want the cliffs notes version? I've got you covered. See all 5 Secrets to getting kids to let go of their stuff below.

#1 Make it part of your regular routine:

Making decluttering something that is done often can make it more of a non-event and not such a big deal. Letting go of a few things each month seems much easier than asking your kids to get rid of multiple bags of their things at one time.

Have it be a monthly activity to go through their toys and clothes to find things that they are ready to part with. Even make it a family affair where everyone in the home finds 5 things to let go of.

#2 Lead by example:

Children learn by watching and modeling their parents' behavior. If you demonstrate a willingness to declutter and let go of things, your child is more likely to do the same.

#3 Give them Ownership:

This may come as a surprise to you, but kids don't like being told what to do! They want to feel in control of their own situation and of their things.

Allowing your child to take ownership of the process by giving them a say in what stays and what goes can go a long way. Give them a number of items to let go of and let them pick what they are.

Encourage them to make their own decisions but provide guidance when needed. This can help them feel more in control and less resistant to letting go of their possessions.

#4 Make letting go connect to something meaningful:

Talk to your child about where the items are going that they no longer need or use. Explain how their items can benefit someone else or the environment.

This can give them a sense of purpose and fulfillment knowing that they are doing something positive for others.

#5: Celebrate when they let go of something:

When your child is ready to let go of a special item, find a special way to celebrate with them.

This could be taking a picture of the item or a reward for taking action.

This can help your child feel more comfortable letting go of items because it will help them to not feel like they are gaining something in return.

So, there they are, my 5 secret tips for getting your kids on board with decluttering. I hope you are able to implement these into your home to help you find success in decluttering with your kids.

Want some help getting the kids to keep your home tidy as well?

Download my Printable Picture Labels for Organizing Kids Spaces designed to make it easier to get your kids involved in keeping their things tidy.

These labels have adorable pictures for those who aren’t quite at a reading age just yet and are meant to be colored by your kids to give them that sense of excitement and pride to use them.

Download them here: Printable Picture Labels for Kids Stuff

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